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World Wide Packaging
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World Wide Packaging
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With an ergonomic patented brush, Lash 180° challenges the ordinary and creates a solution to wide eye and messy mascara application. The cutting-edge brush technology combined with a trend setting formulation creates the perfect combination of definition and length. Shaped like a triangle and designed to be held vertically, the brush styles lashes 180° making it simple to lengthen, curl, define and volumize lashes with one swipe.

Lash 180’s proprietary formula is laced with vitamins and amino to strengthen and fortify lashes and is EU and U.S. compliant.

World Wide Packaging LLC (WWP), is a leading provider of cosmetic packaging components and tubes, and offers a wide range of components, custom and stock molding, product development and custom engineered solutions for a variety of unique product applications.

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For more information, contact WWP toll-free at 1-800-950-0390 or visit the company’s website at www.wwpinc.com


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