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[Slideshow] As Seen At Cosmoprof Bologna 2017

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  • The 50th edition of Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna hosted more than 250,000 visitors from 150 countries, as well as 2,677 exhibiting companies from 69 countries.
  • Stylenanda’s 3CE brand was on display at Cosmoprof. The range includes the type of fun packaging and product formats consumers have come to expect from K-beauty.
  • All things men’s grooming were on display during the event, including Barber Pro’s range of masks.
  • The ChinUp Mask Trial Pack “can reduce the appearance of your double chin by up to 2 cm+ in only 30 minutes,” according to the brand, and retails for $39.95.
  • Patchology’s PowerPatch Dark Spot Corrector “lightens age spots, liver spots, acne scars, and sun damage amid the harsh urban sun,” according to the brand, and comprises alpha arbutin, retinol and niacinamide, to reduce the appearance of melanin and hyperpigmentation. The product includes 56 Dark Spot Corrector Patches and one tube of Dark Spot Protector Sunscreen Gel Broad Spectrum SPF 30 for $60.00. Patchology also offers hydrating and illuminating masks, depuffing under-eye products and more. Pedicure, anti-acne and anti-cellulite products are forthcoming from the brand.
  • OhK! Life’s range of K-beauty masks offer all of the category’s fun. The brand offers a wide array of formats and ingredients, including coconut, avocado and gold dust.
  • OhK! Life’s range of K-beauty masks offer all of the category’s fun. The brand offers a wide array of formats and ingredients, including coconut, avocado and gold dust.
  • Timeless Truth Trading Co., Ltd. Presented a range of masks, including the Sakura Clarity Pure Cotton Maskm Hydra-Intense Black Charcoal Mask, Horse Oil Demulcent Mask and Immortelle Rejuvenation Herbal Bio Cellulose Mask. The company also offers skin care, including an Amino Acid Mild Facial Cleanser and a Serum Series, which comprises Mandelic Acid with Porcelain Flower Clarity Serum, among other SKUs.
  • Pink Frogs Cosmetics won the award Cormopack The Wall in 2017 in the category “Best Formula” with the product Sleeping Metallic Mask, which comprises a vegetable polymer that creates a memory effect that molds to the face without dripping.
  • Davines displayed a range of products, including to its new Naturaltech Renewing hair and scalp health products. The company is B Corp-certified.
  • Legacy wellness brand, Birkenstock, unveiled its Birkenstock Natural Care skin care at Cosmoprof, a partially vegan range of formulas that are COSMOS-certified. The range benefits from the suberin lifting ingredient, derived from the brand’s signature cork oak extract. Other ingredients include arctic moss, argan oil, baobab, moringa, elderberry and botanical hyaluronic acid.
  • O-Pac created a 24H Urban Kit comprising a twin sachet with a moisturizing day phase that smooths the skin and defends it from oxidate stress caused by pollution, while the night phase comprises micellar water for gentle cleansing.
  • Omnicos showed off an athleisure beauty-friendly makeup packaging concept.
  • Global Cosmetic Industry editor in chief, Jeb Gleason-Allured, gave a brief presentation on the future of retail, “Frictionless or Experiential?” Gleason-Allured also moderated talks from Hayk Sargsyan, CEO of Supercosmetics, Paolo Penati, CEO of QVC Italia, and Ewa Grigar, project lead consumer products for Kline. Gleason-Allured’s talk can be found at: www.gcimagazine.com/marketstrends/channels/other/

From athleisure beauty to pollution defense and beyond, Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna provided a wide-ranging view of global beauty care innovation. Here, we present highlights from our visit.

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