4 Sustainable Packaging Solutions

More sustainable packaging options are a growing trend.
More sustainable packaging options are a growing trend.

Green is a buzzword in almost every industry, and cosmetics is no exception. In 2019, a study commissioned by Exal found that 62% of customers either agree or strongly agree that environmentally friendly packaging is important.

While this number will vary according to your niche market, there is no doubt that more sustainable packaging options are a growing trend. Packaging technologies are slowly evolving to provide brands with alternative options that are better for the planet.

The costs of these alternatives can sometimes be prohibitive for small brands, and sometimes downright impractical no matter how deep your pockets are.

Let’s take a look at four popular alternative packaging options, their pros and cons, and what type of products they might be a good fit for.

1. Biodegradable plastics

Like it or not, plastic is here to stay. The low cost and high effectiveness of plastic as a packaging option just makes it the number one choice for most brands. However, new plastic packaging technologies have made it possible to create biodegradable plastics made out of things like corn or seaweed.

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