Fun, Flirty, Functional: Trends in Color Cosmetic Packaging

What are the current trends (both within and outside of cosmetics) influencing color cosmetics and the packaging, and how will those trends impact color cosmetic packaging in late 2015/early 2016?

Sandra Hutson: Food inspired packaging, like the “Flickable Luxe Lip Gloss” package that resembles a classic lollipop – my new favorite. Multi-functional packaging and customizable packaging are two other trends I see continuing for at least the next 12 months. Consumers will also see more and more packages that not only look like food products but ones they can modify in some way to suit exactly what they need.

Damien Dossin: “Formula Inside/Out,” where innovative formulas need to be reflected on the outside packaging via intricate designs—metallic soft touch, 3D glitter or 3D droplet decorations, innovative heat transfer foils, or see-through packaging for color identification, such the recent HCP Radii Square Glass compacts range. Also, in texture/feel—textured packs/decoration that use new materials in combination with existing packaging.

What are the challenges a brand faces to stand out in color cosmetics/on the shelf, and how are suppliers addressing those challenges?

SH: There is so much competition in the marketplace that it’s hard for some brands to get noticed—given the multitude of products making noise in the background. Topline recently manufactured a kit for the brand Cargo called “Destination: Gorgeous.” One of the features that made this kit stand out from the crowd was its “open package” design for maximum on-shelf impact with striking four color graphics – you see immediately what’s inside and it really catches the eye of the consumer.

DD: Decoration is key for brands to stand out on the shelf; it can be a challenge to reflect exactly the brand design requirements on the packaging. HCP’s continuous research and development of new innovative decorations has helped our clients to reach their consumers.

What are the forthcoming innovations we can expect to see in color cosmetic packaging?

SH: You will see more special decoration effects such as 3D printing, which will give a tactile finish to packaging.

DD: Precise application and applicators will continue to play a big part in color cosmetics packaging. One area that will grow for sure in the coming years is the impact on and relationship of the color cosmetics packaging with the environment.

Mike Warford: ABA Packaging represents OEKAbeauty, which has been hard at work creating some very interesting innovations: a number of new fiber brushes in some very innovative shapes with special fibers designed to enhance the application rate of the mascara product while effectively using the same brush for combing, separating and/or defining. Examples include the “Lash Kiss” and “Volume Definer” brushes. We have also been focusing on creating smaller and more manageable brushes for smaller and finer lashes, notably the “Black Pearl” and “Highlighter” brushes.

In packaging for lip products, we have just introduced an injection blow-molded vial that has a molded in window to enable the consumer to see the product color while minimizing light exposure. This fun and innovative look is the result of a specialize and patented molding process that has been developed by OEKAbeauty and a key partner in Germany. The first package to be introduced using this new technology is the new “Lipshow” package.

And for lip gloss application, we have created a series of new flocked applicators that improve on the rate of product applied. These applicators include the “Jewel Kiss,” “Lipstick”, and the “Velvet and Soft Caress” versions.

For lipstick/lip stain products, we have recently developed an airless lipstick package, “Rouge Passion.” This unique and innovative product is shaped like a conventional lipstick pack but it actually dispenses a liquid formula via the airless dispensing system that is integrated into the package.

What are game changing innovations in color cosmetic packaging and what’s their impact on the market?

SH: New innovations that provide sensorial effects for cosmetics packaging are continuing to impact the market. One example is the unique “Reshaping Tool” designed and manufactured by Topline Products for Living Proof, and an essential part of the brand’s Neotensil Daily Under-Eye Reshaping Procedure Complete Kit. It is engineered to help deliver smooth, consistent layers of the Neotensil formulae onto the skin. Topline was challenged by the brand to create an ergonomic, elegant tool that would efficiently improve the application of product’s formulations to the eye area. The real innovation of this tool is the tip—a component using special materials to produce a cold sensation on the skin that could help relieve congestion on the contour of the eye.

This is just the start of things to come. We are seeing more and more changes to what used to be simple applicator packages. Major improvements to functionality and the application of skin care and makeup products are just the beginning.

DD: Game changing innovations include easy-to-use packaging (with no age limit) such as the twist-up pencil for lip/eye applications and one-handed to open packs. On the brand side, makeup tutorials or vlogs—the wider current digital/mobile phone trend has impacted color cosmetics (notably, the Google glass video tutorials recently launched by YSL). And custom design packaging—again, brand recognition on the shelves is key. HCP has helped many brands achieving brand recognition by tooling up complete bespoke packaging, like metal caps for Nails inc’s Nailkale and compacts for Merle Norman and Charlotte Tilbury.

Other influences also include celebrity influence, with more and more celebrity launches (such as the Kim Kardashian lip gloss recently launched by HCP USA) and crossovers from other categories—like makeup formulas with skin care benefits. Consumer perception of products is also changing. The Nails inc brand is an example of prestige in the nail market, with consumers’ perception of nail polish as products to cherish.

What is your favorite new color cosmetic packaging component?

SH: My favorite has to be “Flickable Luxe Lip Gloss”—it’s a fun, flirty, adorable lip gloss with a twist; there is no other package on the market that looks like it. The unique, retro package design transports you back to your childhood memories. The lollipop shape helps to communicate the sweet, irresistible flavors of the lip gloss. The design required a strong technical mastery to make the lollipop shape a functional lip gloss component; normally a classic lollipop handle would be too ergonomically small to generate the torques needed to open and close the product.

DD: The Charlotte Tilbury champagne gold makeup range, created through a special partnership with LaFrance for its extensive and prestigious top plate capabilities—and, of course, influential blogger Charlotte Tilbury.

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