2023 Packaging Launches

New packaging launches have addressed several consumer preferences.
New packaging launches have addressed several consumer preferences.

Refillable Package Systems

Angela Kazimir, executive director of sales, TaikiUSA, says, “Taiki has launched a new line of refillable package systems. These innovative systems feature stand-alone refill cartridges that can be easily replaced by consumers—eliminating the need for full package repurchases or replacements. Our selection of refillable packages include liquid dispensing push-button pens, powder dispensers and airless pump packages. The refillable patented Airless Pump is sleek and environmentally friendly—offering the best in product performance and protection. The Refillable Pushbutton Pens are all-in-one liquid dispensers with integrated tips that offer a precise application for a wide range of skin care and cosmetics products. The Refillable Powder Package offers a soft, full-coverage application experience for your product, with designs that feature integrated brush tips and refillable cartridges.”

Silvia Losacco, event and communication specialist, Lumson, says, “Another main innovation is represented by the collection Infinity with a distinctive design. Made up of four items, four glass bottles from 15 ml to 50 ml and one refillable glass jar of 50 ml, this peculiar collection stands out for its ‘style detail’ given by the thick and conical base for an absolute and refined look. Another perfect example of sustainability together with luxury as the bottles can be all realized in PCR glass and the refillable glass jar allows for a responsible recycling process, thanks to the removable inner PP cup studied to be replaced with a new one at the end-use.”

Plant-based Dropper

Verena Fiori Ferreira, marketing director, Virospack, says, “Furthering the Virospack commitment to sustainable packaging, the company is proud to announce the new plant-based dropper, a complete sustainable dropper kit that includes a fully Plant-Based dropper cap, a partnership with Rezemo GmbH brand, using Forewood material, certified from sustainable forestry PEFC, 100% Plant-Based Compostable, and 0% Fossil Resources, reducing the CO2 footprint. A bulb made with Biobased TPE > 50% and also, a pipette with a Tenite-Biobased Plastic > 40%. In addition to all these eco-powered benefits, embrace the power of customization as well, so important for brand positioning and final product design, with Virospack in-house custom decoration and finishes for the cap and bulb parts.”

For the full article, check out Global Cosmetic Industry's November 2023 digital magazine.

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