Texen Launches 8 Mascara Combinations at MakeUp in Paris 2018


At MakeUp in Paris 2018, held June 21–22, 2018, at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris, Texen launched eight combinations of brushes, wipers and formulas for mascara. 

Texen explained that with these new combinations, brands can "concentrate solely on the personalization of their chosen product." The company conducted consumer tests to determine the most relevant mascara needs for the market before selecting the products to feature in the new collection. 

According to Texen, this "ready-to-wear" approach to mascara means that product development time is dedicated entirely to packaging personalization. The company plans to develop "either 100% standard or fully-bespoke projects depending on the constraints of time-to-market and budget."

These new mascara offerings are part of Texen's "B2B2C" strategy, which reportedly allows it to offer turnkey solutions while also reducing costs and time to market. 

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