Carestia Arcade Beauty Launches Two Fragrance Sampling Innovations

The kiosk.
The kiosk.

At the recent Pack & Gift trade show, Carestia Arcade Beauty debuted two new products focused on fragrance sampling. 

The "Scented Pochette" 

  • After being sprayed with fragrance, the blotter card is inserted into an airtight packet--allowing for minimal fragrance usage oil as well as accurate fragrance rendition. 
  • The airtight packet helps preserve the fragrance's top notes and guarantees shelf life, the company claims. 
  • Blotters can be highly customized into various shapes.

The E-blotter

  • The company debuted a new sampling tool that comprised of a QR code in the e-blotter that allowed visitors at the Pack & Gift trade show to scan their card to receive a beauty sample from the kiosk.
  • The blotters can be either unscented or pre-scented
  • The blotter was designed to provide a broad area for marketing communication
  • Arcade Beauty states it will offers a full turnkey solution by creating and printing the QR code, event website and campaign tracking and analysis
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