Arcade Invents One-handed Sample Pack


Packaging: Easysnap, a "one-handed" opening for single-dose sample packaging from 0.8 to 4ml

Company: Arcade Beauty

Description: In October, Arcade Beauty sealed a strategic partnership with Italian company Easysnap, taking a 30% investment in the firm. Together, the two companies intend to combine their industrial and marketing capabilities in order to develop the market for a easy-opening, "one-handed" sample across all beauty segments. Easysnap is a flat, single-dose sample. To use it, the consumer just needs to fold it in half with a single hand. This gesture immediately opens the pack in a controlled way, delivering the dose of product at the center of the fold, a process patented by Easysnap. Simple pressure with the fingers allows the user to control the flow of the product until it is completely finished. Its multi-layered envelope is an optimum barrier, and guarantees formula protection and hygiene. This type of sample is therefore appropriate for all types of textures, including foundation, cream, serum, milk, lotion, gel and even fragrance. Its capacity varies depending on the viscosity of the formula, from 0.8 to 4ml, with a standard format of 55 x 70mm.

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