Wood Packaging, Applicators, and More Beauty Packaging News for Early June 2013

Quadpack company Technotraf issued a white paper that investigates the environmental and social impact of wood as a packaging material in the beauty sector. The paper, “The use of wood as a sustainable material for beauty packaging,” traces the material from its source, through the sawmill and the factory, to the final perfume pack.

People News

Paul Knight to vice president of sales and engineering, Unicep.

New Launches

Firm’Up is an original package designed by Cosmogen for beauty products that require an applicator with a dual function. On one side, the pack’s fine textured or smooth spatula (SEBS or PE) applies and distributes the product on the area to be treated with ultimate precision, while on the other side, a 45°-inclined Zamac surface ensures the effectiveness of its application, stimulating micro-circulation, tightening and smoothing the skin. Works well for skin care, including eye contour, lip contour, anti-wrinkle, scar treament, lip balm products and more.

SeaCliff Beauty Packaging & Laboratories introduced a new family of airless bottles with pumps that are 100% plastic. The EVA airless family is Ecocert approved and complies with specific environmentally friendly standards. The new airless set has a slim profile but also features a twist-and-lock pump that avoids dosage leaks when the overcap is not on the bottle. Some products that can be used in this component are foundations, moisturizers, primers and serums.

New on the Shelves

Superdrug selected M&H Plastics for the packaging of its new range This One, an extensive collection of hair care products. Superdrug selected from M&H’s portfolio of 1,200 standard products in order to provide customers with a cost-effective product range without compromising on style. The Shampoos and Conditioners use M&H’s 250 ml PET Tubular bottle with a double-wall X-Press cap while the Replenishing Treatment uses M&H’s 150 ml double walled Spirit jar. In addition the Hair Oil is packaged in 100 ml PET Tubular topped off with a serum pump, while the 150 ml Curl and Wave Crème comes in a 35 mm diameter tube. The product range has been manufactured in an eye-catching shade of purple with flashes of bright colors identifying individual products, and all the closures have been color-coordinated in purple to help give the range high shelf stand out appeal.

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