A Look to Luxe Pack New York, Tottles, and More Beauty Packaging News for Early May 2013

The pack for the new Adam Levine fragrance from Gerresheimer
The pack for the new Adam Levine fragrance from Gerresheimer

Gerresheimer is showcasing its latest glass and plastic cosmetic packaging designs at Luxe Pack New York. The Adam Levine bottle designed by Gerresheimer will be highlighted, featuring both the 50 and 100 ml bottles with their unpretentious design. The women’s bottle has a straight, slim and rectangular form and is printed in two colors, and the bottle for the men’s fragrance is very similar, except that it is more compact in shape. With their silver mesh caps, both bear a striking resemblance to a microphone.

Cosmetic Solutions LLC and LF of America Corp. announced the creation of a strategic alliance to expand the presence and services of both companies providing capabilities in the industry. The alliance will showcase efforts to bring new and innovative services to light, including the centralization of production, packaging, specialized filling and container distribution into the private label branding service and OEM contract manufacturing.

DieterBakic has debuted an optimized online catalog to display is available packaging options. It includes new products, a new browse and search functionality, a high-quality picture gallery and much more.

The Global Packaging Alliance (GPA) recently held its annual meeting in São Paolo, Brazil, providing a forum for its partners to review packaging industry and global market trends. The group also discussed ways to further support international brands with enhanced packaging solutions that align with their sustainability goals. Representatives from each company (Diamond Packaging, rlc | packaging group, Colorpak Limited, Gonçalves SA Indústria Gráfica, Polygrafoformlenie - Flexo, Yau Bon Offset Printing, Masterpack and Kumar Printers) shared the latest developments in their packaging operations, including equipment investments, value-added processes, green initiatives, and operating data for benchmarking. Members also provided commentary on current economic conditions in their respective countries, and the impact of the economy on packaging markets.

Toly is showcasing its products at Luxe Pack New York, including its compacts, mascaras, lip glosses, skin care, fragrance and promotional packs. A highlight is Toly’s range of cardboard and printed paper options, which has been extended to the U.S. following the set up of the company’s new Toly Deluxe division and Toly’s alliance with Hung Hing Printing Group. The company will also display its new Intense mascara brush, which helps ensure lashes follow their natural orientation. Through the disposition of the bristles and the use of two kinds of fibers, the brush volumizes central lashes and combs them straight while lateral lashes are also volumized but combed toward the side.

Paper manufacturer Favini is underlining its commitment to protecting the environment by renewing its support for a community based project in Madagascar. The company is working to help improve the quality of life for the community of Sahavondronina by teaching more innovative farming techniques that make it possible to respect the local ecosystem while helping to develop a more ecological tourism industry.

People News

Renzo Sparavier joined The Matlet Group as director of strategic accounts. With 20-plus years of sales success in the printing and packaging industry, he brings a large amount of knowledge and experience working with Fortune 500 clients to the new position and will be based in Cincinnati.

New Launches

Anisa International is set to offer a variety of new patent-pending brush technologies at Luxe Pack New York, along with the launch of Isotonic Face. The Isotonic Face offers cutting-edge convenience using a magnetic patent-pending design for a streamlined cylinder that houses two precision shapes—angled for cheekbones and domed for powder foundation. Other brushes to be showcased at Luxe Pack New York include the Glider Collection, including the debut of the Retractable Glider. The patent-pending brush head is designed with a unique blend of fibers and curved to fit the face’s natural contours for a more precise and lasting application, and the Retractable Glider helps create statement lip looks.

Pacific Packaging Components launched a unique bottle that allows consumers to utilize every last remaining drop of its contents. A patented reservoir is built into the heavy weighted glass bottle allowing the bulb dropper to reach and distribute every final drop. The bottles are currently available in 30 ml with two designs—rounded square glass or rounded cylinder that may be frosted, sprayed, or metallized to obtain a cohesive look for your line. Decoration options include silk screen, hot stamp, off-set printing or label, and the high-end bulb dropper is available with a glass pipette and over shell collar that may be customized in shiny, matte or injection- molded colors.

Tottles from Quadpack are helping to create a longer shelf life for beauty products. A layered composition can protect the formula inside while the inherent bounce-back flexibility means every last drop can be squeezed out, an important selling point in today’s marketplace. The tottles can be single-layered PE or multi-layered to include a sheath of EVOH (ethyl vinyl alcohol copolymer), providing a powerful barrier against oxygen and other exterior elements. Quadpack’s tottle collections come in a variety of capacities, from travel-friendly 5 ml up to 180 ml, and shape, from curved edges to elegant elongated silhouettes. Each model can be customized using a host of decoration options, providing an ideal concept for high-performance formulas such as sunscreens, hair conditioners, body lotions, face creams and foundations.

SeaCliff Beauty Packaging & Laboratories introduced a cosmetic compact with interchangeable inserts for a customized product choice. The compact has two different insert sizes available that can be arranged to create different layout options for the brand or for consumer preferences. The cosmetic compact is made out of ABS material and can be injection molded, custom color sprayed or metallized. Decoration options include silkscreen and hot stamp printing, and it includes a full mirror located inside of the compact. SeaCliff Beauty Packaging & Laboratories also debuted a pocket-sized, slim dispensing component for daily use. The mini pocket component features a unique pump dispenser and snap overcap that is flushed with the bottle to maintain its slim design. The reusable bottle can be unscrewed from the pump and refilled for continuous use, and it works well for cosmetic formulas such as foundations, primers and BB creams, as well as skin care solutions like moisturizers, hand creams and sunscreen.

New on the Shelves

Aptar Beauty + Home provided the closure for the new Coppertone Tattoo Guard Lotion SPF 50 Sunscreen, which uses a 2 oz. tube with a black 1-1/2" Gloss Classic Tube Top Closure. Additionally, the new Aveeno Active Naturals Men's Face Wash, Shave Gel and After Shave Lotion also use Aptar closures—the 2-inch Frost Ultra Classic Tube Top closure for the face wash, the 1 ½-inch Frost Classic Tube Top closure for the after shave lotion, and a Bag-On-Valve system and the Optimum gel spout for the shave gel. And the Oxy Daily Defense Facial Cleanser’s pack is topped by the GS Dispensing Pump from Aptar Beauty + Home, while the new Axe Spiked Up Look Extreme Hold Spray has a two-color Moritz Twist-To-Lock aerosol accessory.

L’Oréal’s Maybelline brand selected Mega Airless dispensers for its just-launched, swirl-fill Instant Age Rewind The Lifter Lifting Makeup with Primer Inside. The Mega Airless Micro round neutral pump was used, as its design does not intrude into the container, thus retaining the integrity of the swirl during use. The 100% plastic, neutral, airless dispensers protect such skin care formulations that use active ingredients, as Instant Age Rewind combines a lifting makeup and primer. Its spiral, or “swirl,” form ensures simultaneous delivery of the two formulae and is initially available in 12 shades.

Taking into account the trend of consumers keeping packaging as a keepsake, Cosfibel Premium created a vanity case for the Garden collection from the Gucci Flora line. The vanity case offers elegant design and attention to detail. Made of white PU, it is hemmed in ottoman black ribbon on its top and base, and it opens thanks to a zipper sporting a waxed cotton knot for a puller and decorated with a flat metal bead at each end. Launching in June, the vanity case will be offered with the purchase of the Garden collection in Gucci’s Flora line.

Suncare specialists Supergoop! chose HCT Group’s multi-patented cooling tip technology for its newest product, Advanced SPF 37 Anti-Aging Eye Cream. HCT’s Zamac tip complements Supergoop’s formulation, providing a soothing and refreshing sensation to the delicate eye area. The cool tip applicator glides smoothly around the eye and helps minimize the look of under-eye puffiness.

Pochet du Courval, the bottle-making unit of the Pochet group, works to develop unique bottles for fine fragrance products, including a bottle in which the perfumer is in suspension, underlined by a crystal smile, for La Vie Est Belle. The package for Jour d’Hermès captures an optical mirage with reverse silk screen printing that fades out and reflects from all sides, and a similar style is illuminated by a perfect ellipse for the Una de Natura bottle. These three creations embrace bold luxury codes and create a sensation of optical lightness and total equilibrium. They are the result of Pochet du Courval's centuries of experience and know-how, as the control of internal distribution goes so far as to determine the shape, becoming part of the bottle's aesthetics in its own right.

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