Packaging and Formulas, NJPEC, Best Brushes, and More Beauty Packaging News and Launches for Early August 2014

Luxe Pack Monaco announced that, in 2014, the event will open its doors to the suppliers of beauty formulation, subcontracting and full service development to help present a global showcase for beauty, cosmetic and fragrance brands. Called Luxe Formulation, the event will inaugurate October 2014, creating a platform for professionals in the businesses of standard or customized beauty formulation, packaging, filling, full service, private label brands and all associated services.

Creative Packaging Solutions announced an agreement with Paris-based design agency Anha. Through the agreement, Anha is opening an office in the U.S. with Creative Packaging Solutions. The agreement was developed represent both companies’ interests within the luxury market segment for brands based in the U.S.

People News

Fusion Packaging announced the addition of David Lee as the company’s new project engineer. In this role, he will support the engineering, design and sales teams by working collaboratively with customers to initiate and develop new projects and drive innovation for the company.

Packaging executives were honored and college students were given scholarships at the annual New Jersey Packaging Executives Club (NJPEC) Scholarship & Hall of Fame Dinner held at the Manor in West Orange, New Jersey. Those recognized included John Downey, vice president of technology-driven supplier innovation, global supply relations, The Estée Lauder Companies; Joe Cicci, president and CEO, Color Optics by Arcade; Doug Silady, executive vice president of package development, Boom Creative Development; Bernard Quennessen, vice president, package concept development, Coty; and Grantges J. (Jack) Raymus, packaging professor, Rutgers University School of Engineering (in memoriam). Another highlight of the dinner was the presentation of scholarships to high-achieving college students who represent the future of packaging. Scholarships winners included: NJPEC scholarships awarded to William Kim and Anh Le, both students at Rutgers University; the Dr. Frederick Rimmele Memorial Scholarship to Meaghan Wirtz, who is attending Pennsylvania State University; and the Kathleen Brady Zito Scholarship awarded to Samantha Shuet at Michigan State University.

New Launches

Quadpack's new range of Brush Tubes offer a sophisticated solution to apply cosmetics and lotions. Simply squeeze the tube and brush the formula onto the skin in gentle strokes. With a high-end brush applicator and an open/close valve system, application is soft, smooth, precise and resistant to leakage. The Brush Tube's options make it suitable for a wide range of applications, from cosmeceuticals to makeup. The tube comes in PE monolayer, multi-layer PE/EVOH or lined with an aluminum barrier for ultimate formula protection. With an capacity range from 5-70 ml, diameters range from 16 mm and 19 to 30 mm, the pack option offers a brush that is composed of easy-clean synthetic bristles in brown, white or black that feel soft when stroked on the skin. And multiple decoration options are available to transform the tube to match brand specifications.

Cosmogen designed the new kabuki Star Bronzer Golden Riviera for Lancôme. It is used to apply bronzing powder over the entire face and neck. Its dense, beveled and curved tuft, patented by Cosmogen, helps sculpt the face and intensify shadows, and it is made of soft, two-tone synthetic bristles and dispenses powder accurately. The hair has a finesse and tapered end, providing a smooth feeling. The short and round handle, made of copper brown anodized aluminum, eases handling, and the Lancôme logo is double anodized.

Toly developed a new special net pump that works for crushing beads in a formula as it flows through the pump in order for it to provide a homogeneous application. The Bead Crushing Airless Pump has been patented by Toly, and it is available on both the company’s T2 and T8 airless lines.

New on the Shelves

M&H Plastics developed new packaging for the Evoka range that was designed to position the product at the high end of the health and beauty category. M&H Plastics was able to produce a luxurious finish for the packs, using flat-based Boston round PET bottles, tubes and PET jars, all of which can be easily recycled. These were then decorated with a matte lacquer and on this was screened the icons, logos and the distinctive latitude and longitude varnish lines to evoke the travel element and a sense of exclusivity. The resulting form offers an aesthetic associated with quality packaging and also an upmarket tactile feel. The reflection of light that the varnish lines provided also created an eye-catching element in store. A unique luxury feature completed the package—a natural, sustainable wooden closure developed to suit the cultural themes of the brand.

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