Sterile Packaging Created for Formulation without Preservatives

D.E.F.I. sterile packaging system
D.E.F.I. sterile packaging system

Promens, for Avène Dermatological Laboratories, has created packaging that allows for preservation without the use of preservatives in the cosmetic formula. Dispositif Exclusif Formule Intacte (D.E.F.I.) is the result of eight years of development by the collaboration. The acronym means "exclusive intact formula device" in French, as it is a system that allows for preservative-free formulating in a large tube.

This patented closure system makes it possible to preserve a sterile formula. The product reportedly is protected from bacteria during its entire use. Avène Dermatological Laboratories has applied the  D.E.F.I. sterile distribution system to Tolérance extreme, its line of skin care that is free of preservatives, fragrance and surfactants.

This new packaging makes it possible to formulate products without preservatives in a large size tube and ensure the consumer a practical use, compared to monodoses, unidoses and single doses packaging.

The D.E.F.I. cap consists of four parts, including a supple membrane which rises when pressure is applied to the tube and later resumes its position when pressure is released. These are high-precision parts manufactured to one hundredth of a millimeter. They provide cohesion with the entire unit. Finally, the lid is perfectly sized to the cap (no gaps) and closed with a tamper-proof clip removed when the tube is first opened.

Promens did not state whether the packaging is available for use by other personal care product manufacturers in the industry; however, its market availability could potentially end the formulating without preservatives conundrum.

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