Growth in Shampoo Packaging Shares Opportunities

Euromonitor International released a datagraphic on opportunities for growth and innovation in global shampoo packaging. According to Euromonitor, global volume sales of shampoo packaging saw healthy growth in 2013, rising by 4% to reach 15.6 billion units. And in “Global Shampoo Packaging—Where and How to Succeed?,” the market research finds flexible packaging has been the highest beneficiary in this shampoo packaging upswing, with CAGR estimated for 2013–2018 of nearly 6%. HDPE bottles, PET bottles, other plastic bottles, flexible aluminum and plastic packs, metal aerosol cans, and squeezable plastic tubes are all set to see a CAGR of between 2% and 4% for 2013–2018, while plastic pouches, folding cartons and glass bottles are all expected to see a CAGR of less than 2% for 2013-2018 for shampoo packaging.

Individual sachets that offer affordability are big in India and Indonesia, and these Asian countries also offer the greatest opportunities in terms of CAGR for 2013–2018 for shampoo packaging growth. Following somewhat far behind are China, the Philippines, Brazil, the U.S., Germany, Japan, Russia and Mexico.

In Mexico and Russia, HDPE bottle sizes above 250 ml, which convey value, are in demand. Although still lower in volume terms than HDPE, PET bottles are gaining presence among the more mature regions of Western Europe and North America, being used for differentiation. The market is also seeing the U.S. opt for more travel sizes.

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