Plan for PCD, Skin and Body Care, and More Beauty Packaging News and Launches for Early February 2014

Diamond Wipes International is celebrating its 20th year in business in 2014.

Luxe Pack announced the debut of its Luxe Pack in Green Award at the 2014 Luxe Pack New York edition, taking place May 14–15, 2014, at Pier 72 in New York.

Promens Personal & Healthcare division launched its “Les Collections” first edition catalog. This catalog presents Promens’ global offerings of standard packaging, from its classic collections to complex packaging, including protective packaging for fragile formulas. The catalog features more than 1,000 bottles, jars, airless ranges, systems and closures, and it adheres to a refined, elegant style in an artistic universe.

Berry Plastics Group announced its acquisition of the controlling interest of Qingdao P&B Co., Ltd (P&B) was approved by the competent approval authority in China. Pending registration with the local company registry, which is expected to be completed by February 2014, Berry Plastics will own 75% of P&B, with a minority ownership position retained by Peter Song, who is the original founder of P&B and the current general manager of the business. Song will remain in the same position going forward. The company will conduct business under the name Qingdao Berry Plastics Limited and provide rigid plastic packaging and beauty and personal care products to customers located in China, as well as globally.

At the upcoming PCD Congress exhibition in Paris, DieterBakicEnterprises will highlight its Viola Pump. Available in multiple variations for different dosage amounts, the pump has an individual look created by unique color and decoration, features new pump technology, is Ecocert-certified, and also comes in an airless pump option.

MWV also is showcasing its products at the 2014 PCD Congress. Highlighted will be its Emotions of Spray Collection, a new line of luxury fragrance pumps that includes the original Melodie, Melodie Agile and Melodie Forever spray pumps, as well as three new additions: Melodie Pure, Melodie Delicate and Maestro Extravagant. The MWV team will be on hand to highlight the consumer research behind the Emotions of Spray Collection and explain how these pumps offer brand owners the ability to tailor each spray to the positioning and personality of their fragrances. Attendees will also get a preview into year two of Packaging Matters, MWV’s annual study that helps brands to understand challenges and opportunities associated with packaging in the beauty industry.

Toly is featuring its wide range of standard mini skin care jars. These small jars are ideal for sampling purposes or for mini product launches, and they have interchangeable inners for 5 ml, 7 ml and 10 ml capacities.

People News

Cy Lim was named director of global glass, Asia for TricorBraun. In this position, Lim will be responsible for managing quality control for all glass product sourced from Asia, overseeing pricing and investigating new suppliers of glass containers.

New on the Shelves

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare chose Fusion Packaging’s Allure jar for its anti-aging treatment, Ferulic + Retinol Fibroblast Anti-Aging Moisturizer. This launch features the brand’s new ECG Complex designed to target the collagen-producing fibroblast cells, and Fusion’s 50 ml Allure jar was selected as it perfectly complements the aesthetic of the existing Ferulic + Retinol family. In order to replicate the look of the glass bottles, Fusion injected the jar with a custom translucent amber color topped with a black outer cap. The jar was decorated with white silkscreened art that further replicates the look of the product line for a clean, uniformed appearance. Ideal for its endless decorating potential, the Allure jar features a double-wall design, and is available in 15, 30 and 50 ml capacities. The acrylic jar is engineered to withstand custom color injection, spray, silkscreen and heat-transfer labeling.

World Wide Packaging developed and manufactured a unique-to-customer tube for a new line of skin creams from I Am Fragrance, a manufacturer and supplier of fragranced luxury beauty products. The company’s I Am hand cream line consists of nine fragrances, which are housed in a streamlined 30 mm foil polymer tube with a unique octagonal cap. Each tube contains 2 oz. of product. Color selection for the new line’s packaging was both comprehensive and cooperative. The I Am line’s mood-mindful diversity led to an unusually large number of careful decisions regarding tube color choices. World Wide Packaging worked with Product 360, I Am fragrance’s design partner, to ensure the customer’s colors complemented each cream’s name and scent with an appropriate tube hue and tone.

Aptar Beauty + Home’s Bag On Valve system and Twist-to-Lock Moritz accessory were used for the CVS Pharmacy Continuous Spray Moisturizer, helping to dispense the product quickly and evenly in any direction, as well as make the pack more purse and travel friendly. Also, the new Vaseline Men Spray Body Lotion includes the Bag On Valve system and the finger-friendly Twist-To-Lock Simplicity actuator, while the Axe Clean Cut Wet Shine Spray Gel is topped with a gloss black EuroMist HV spray pump and the Garnier Fructis Style Order Power Hairspray for Men uses the twist-to-lock Moritz accessory. Additionally, the Coppertone Sunscreen Spray ClearlySheer for Beach & Pool is topped by the Glencoe twist-to-lock accessory and VX valve from Aptar Beauty + Home.

Axilone developed a cap and ferrule for new editions of both the Boss Night and Boss Day fragrances from Hugo Boss. To create the caps, Axilone mastered a dual technical feat: injecting the massive Surlyn cap in a single process without distortion and injecting it into a 12-cavity mould without creating an imbalance. The cap has a streamlined design with a discreet point of injection at its base, and Axilone applied its molding experience and its rheology tools to the 12-cavity mold. For decoration and assembly, Axilone focused on integrating processes. The injected ABS galvanized gold ferrule is laser engraved to attain a high level of definition on an automated, robotic line. This line de-conditions ferrules, engraves them, does a visual quality control, and then reconditions them. The cap and ferrule are then assembled and conditioned on an automated line. This same line visually controls the ferrule’s engraving as well as its positioning, in addition to controlling the assembly of ferrule and cap.

New Launches

Quadpack’s new Double Roll-On pack features two glass roll-ons joined by a wooden link, in a pen form. With two vials, consumers can choose their scent according to their mood or alternate between eau de toilette and eau de parfum. Thanks to a smooth roller ball, the scent glides onto the skin for a moment of pure indulgence. The central closure is crafted from wood by Technotraf, heightening the sensory appeal of the product. Wood adds a satisfying touch-and-feel element that brings in nature, as well as the consumer closer to the scent. Ball options include glass, plastic and metal, for a cool, soothing touch. Capacity of the bottles is 5 ml as standard, with larger sizes on request. Additionally, the link can be aluminum or PEFC-certified wood. These can be decorated using dedicated techniques such as anodizing, staining or engraving. The glass can by silkscreened, hot-stamped and spray-coated.

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