Supremia Partners with TerraCycle to Recycle and Repurpose Cotton Bags


Supremia International has announced its partnership with TerraCycle for the repurposing of cotton bags. 

The aforementioned bags had been accumulated over the years by Supremia and could not be donated due to branding. In response to the surplus of bags, TerraCycle converted them into low-end yarn called "shoddy" which can be used as insulation or padded products, including furniture or exercise equipment. 

Suzanne Deemer, vice president of operations forSupremia Americas, said, "Working with TerraCycle has been extremely satisfying, as it has allowed Supremia International to honor our commitment to sustainability while enabling us to unload excess product. We were thrilled that TerraCycle was able to recycle three pallets of bags -- turning 29,500 bags into 1,475 pounds of material -- and enable Supremia International to take another step forward in achieving eco-friendly solutions to waste concerns."

Brett Stevens, Global VP of Material Sales & Procurement for TerraCycle, added, "We are always thrilled when companies like Supremia take the initiative to recycle their waste that would otherwise end up being landfilled or incinerated. While this is typically more expensive than traditional disposal methods, it sends a message that Supremia wants to do the right thing and reduce our society’s dependency on virgin resources for new products. We’re happy to be working with them."

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