What the World's Smallest Micro ECL Label Means for Cosmetic Brands


Label Impressions, Inc., has been awarded the Gold Ink Award for its Micro ECL (expanded content label). The label is reportedly the smallest multi-panel label in the world. 

According to Label Impressions, a label of this sort has become an important packaging tool for brands struggling to balance regulatory/labeling requirements with aesthetically appealing, clean packaging for lipstick, lip and eye pencil products. The Micro ECL is sized at just over six millimeters and has three-point type in both reverse and positive print.

Anna Alexanian, enterprise sales manager, Label Impressions, said, "Our client had a very specific requirement. They needed to include a lot of information in a very small format. They wanted to accurately display the precise shade of the lipstick while including important regulatory information on a very small, luxurious component. This would require a very small, but functional expanded content label with an accurate color and clear, fine type. Working with our inside team of experienced engineers and committing many hours of press time we were able to successfully achieve the client’s goals while breaking the record for the worlds smallest two-ply label."

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