Behind Quadpack's Louvrette Acquisition

Quadpack celebrated its growing footprint in packaging during Luxe Pack Monaco.
Quadpack celebrated its growing footprint in packaging during Luxe Pack Monaco.

The big news at Luxe Pack Monaco was Quadpack's acquisition of Germany-based Louvrette, which boosts Quadpack's injection-molding capabilities and places the organization within the top 10 cosmetic packaging providers in Europe, according to the firm, with a strong position in jars. Financial terms were not disclosed, though the deal is expected to boost Quadpack's 2019 results to 130 million euros.

The agreement also boosts Quadpack's presence in Germany, a top-five European market. It also significantly increases own-manufactured products by more than 100 which, subsequently, will account for more than 30% of sales.

Louvrette holds a strong position in skin care. Its specialties include thick-walled injection molding; the company boasts 40 injection-molding lines at its 8,500-square-meter manufacturing facilities, which will boost capacity for Quadpack, which has sites in Spain.

Louvrette features a mold shop and new decoration services to supplement Quadpack’s capabilities. The Louvrette site also has room for additional expansion.

The news follows Quadpack's agreement with Germany-based Inotech to acquire the commercial rights to the latter's bi-injection blow-molding process, which allows for the manufacturing of products using two materials in one step. That agreement included joint beauty packaging R&D leveraging the process.

This supports the creation of designs such as bottles featuring two different colors manufactured in one step or an opaque bottle with a transparent window being produced as a single component. The technology simultaneously offers design flexibility and the elimination of assembly time. Financial terms of that deal were also not disclosed.

Under the terms of the Louvrette deal, Quadpack will now benefit from the combination of Louvrette’s manufacturing experience and Inotech’s process knowledge and pioneering bi-injection moulding technology, which will significantly boost its ability to offer an exclusive product range, designed and manufactured in-house.

"Therefore, Quadpack will further expand its overall product offering, improve gross margins and project a full-service approach to beauty brands," an official announcement notes. "This recent inorganic growth activity is part of Quadpack’s development strategy, which has seen the company duplicate its revenues in the last four years."

“I am delighted with the deal. Louvrette was ready for expansion and Quadpack is perfectly positioned to take its operations to the next level,” said Louvrette general manager and owner Fabian Erlhoefer. “Quadpack’s global presence and infrastructure will push Louvrette’s products onto the world stage, while its design acumen enhances our manufacturing know-how. Together, we can meet the needs of any cosmetics brand, as we complement each other perfectly in business and culture.”

“Louvrette and Quadpack are kindred spirits," said Tim Eaves, CEO and co-founder of Quadpack. "We are both people-focused organizations with similar values. Our strengths go hand in hand. Louvrette brings mould making, engineering and manufacturing expertise. We bring market-leading creative design together with a global infrastructure in sales, marketing, sourcing and logistics. It’s the convergence of ‘German engineering excellence’ with ‘creativity born in Barcelona’.”


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