A Notch for Qosmedix: Co Launches Easy-to-Grab Non-Woven Pads


Packaging: Waffle Pad, Round Textured Pad, Round Absorbent Pad, Round Soft Pad.

Company: Qosmedix

Description: Qosmedix has expanded its collection of non-woven pads by adding six new additions; four of which feature pre-made finger notches to help separate and grab the pads with ease. The items with finger notches included are available on a 2.17 inch rayon and polypropylene Round Waffle Pad (Part 96644), a 2.17 inch (Part # 96645) and 2.45 inch (Part # 96646) Round Textured Pad made from lyocell and polyester, and a 2.17 inch rayon Round Absorbent Pad (Part # 96647). Also available without the finger notch is a large, three inch rayon Round Absorbent Pad (Part # 96648) and a small 1.875 inch cotton and polyester Round Soft Pad (Part # 96649). All six of the non-woven pads can be used to remove makeup and nail polish and also can be used to saturate with skin care products and package within a jar.

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