Macy’s to Enhance, Expand The Market @ Macy’s Retail Concept


Macy’s has announced it will scale its concept The Market @ Macy’s via b8ta’s software platform, as part of the company’s focus on enhancing the in-store customer experience.

The Market @ Macy’s, which was launched February 2018, helps brands reach new audiences through a rotating selection of unique offerings across categories, including beauty, apparel and accessories. b8ta’s technology, customized for Macy’s, will make it easier for brands to sign up to participate in The Market @ Macy’s and will serve as the driver for managing the rotating brands and experiences and scaling the concept to new locations.

The Market @ Macy’s is currently open at 10 Macy’s locations around the country. Over the next year, The Market @ Macy’s will utilize the technology to test new size format spaces and expand the size of existing locations.

Additionally, Macy’s has acquired a minority equity stake in b8ta. The move comes after the company’s acquisition of STORY, part of its strategy to offer more experience-based concepts within its stores.

“Macy’s is in the experience business. We’re always looking for new formats that allow our customers to discover and connect with our products and services in-store in a way that drives engagement with our brand,” said Hal Lawton, president of Macy’s. “We’re pleased to deepen our partnership with b8ta that will provide the technology engine for The Market @ Macy’s. This will allow us to scale The Market @ Macy’s concept faster, furthering our goal of bringing more excitement and fresh experiences into our stores.”

Added Vibhu Norby, CEO of b8ta: “At b8ta, we believe physical retail will thrive as a platform for discovering new products and brands. Macy’s was the best partner for b8ta to scale our pioneering retail-as-a-service model to a breadth of categories like apparel, beauty, home, and more. With b8ta’s software platform and business model, product makers can go from solely selling online to launching their products with Macy’s in a few clicks. Our platform makes it easy for makers to deploy, manage, analyze, and scale amazing offline retail experiences.”

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