Boots Launches Nationwide in Target

Boots has expanded its presence in North America by going nationwide in Target stores on March 11. Boots first entered the U.S. in 2004 in select Target stores, and is now available nationwide in over 1,500 Target stores.

"Boots prides itself on bringing the very best of beauty and health to our customers in a very straightforward way," said Martin Waters, CEO, Boots Retail USA. "We enjoy a tremendous relationship of mutual trust with our customers in the U.K., and look forward to developing the same with Target customers here in the U.S. We are extremely proud of the Boots products, based on real customer insights and developed by Britain's top health and beauty experts."

The launch includes five proprietary ranges: No7, Britain's best-selling cosmetic and skin care brand; Time Dimensions antiaging skin care system; Feel the Difference range of supplements and vitamin plans; Mediterranean bath and body care, containing organic ingredients; and Botanics cosmetics skin, bath and body care.
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