YouBeauty Utilizing Scientific Targeting for New Sampling Program

Every beauty company wants to get their product into the hands of their ideal customer—sunscreen for the fair-skinned, curl control for the kinky-haired, or all-natural for the eco-conscious. Huge budget allocations are spent on coupon programs and sampling giveaways to try to connect future converts with the newest offerings with varying degrees of success. Now, for the first time, beauty and health website YouBeauty has created the Science of Samples, a program that draws on targeted scientific data to efficiently deliver samples to appropriate potential fans, reducing waste and growing a loyal customer base.

The Science of Samples identifies and delivers brands’ valuable samples and coupons only to the right consumers—those that are most likely to convert—by drawing on YouBeauty’s proprietary science-based data audience segmentation. The Science of Samples program is an end-to-end solution that selects and distributes to sample and coupon recipients based on their self-reported physical traits, self-perceptions and beauty and wellness conditions.

YouBeauty’s growing database currently consists of over 750,000 women who have taken over 2,000,000 assessments, answering over 40,000,000 questions on all facets of beauty and wellness. Every data point is based on a collection of scientifically formulated questions, created to identify each consumer’s needs and preferences. This allows YouBeauty to flag self-perceptions and conditions the consumer might not even have been aware of.

The Science of Samples program creates a customized plan for each brand designed to deliver hyper-targeted sampling events that drive trial, acquire new customers, and build brand loyalty without the waste and missed opportunities of traditional sampling. As part of this turn-key solution, brands can ship samples to a single location for YouBeauty to complete fulfillment. The program will also print and fulfill offline coupons and distribute electronic coupons. Science of Samples can also be combined with other custom sponsorship programs at to further target precise audiences with a brand’s message and featured SKUs.

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