Bringing Tactile to the Online Beauty Shopping Experience

Selling cosmetics online can much harder than selling books and electronics online, as consumers are used to smelling a scent or trying on concealer in-store before committing to a purchase. Indeed, a recent study from AT Kearney found that only 16% of online health and beauty shoppers actually use the Internet to discover new products online.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way. Other industries that faced similar initial challenges have succeeded in encouraging customers to discover, purchase and replenish their favorite products online. Shoes, clothing and glasses have also traditionally required hands-on preliminary research before purchase, and yet these industries are some of the most successful in the e-commerce space.

Of course, cosmetics and shoes are not the same thing, but there are certainly lessons that e-commerce sites selling health and beauty products can take from these other industries.

A new e-book from Salsify, “9 Ways to Bring Tactile Buying Experiences Online,” summarizes e-commerce strategies these three industries have adopted that have been particularly successful in bridging in-store and online gaps. It also features exclusive interviews with Shoefitr and Ditto, two virtual fitting applications for footwear and eyeglasses that are making the shopping experience more hands-on in their respective industries.

To download your free copy of the e-book, please click here.

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