Make Way for a New Shea Study


The Global Shea Alliance (GSA) and USAID has commissioned a new study by LMC International—a global agribusiness consulting firm—to evaluate the growth of the shea industry and its economic impact on producing communities.

The study researched the past 20 year and found shea exports has increased from 50,000 MT to more than 300,000 MT annually due to an increase of shea in global food and cosmetics markets.

The increased exports are delivering $200 million in direct and indirect income for shea producing communities.

Additionally, the study found that 4 million women are working to collect and process shea exports in Africa.

“We know well the benefits of increased trade for rural communities across Africa,” said Alex Deprez, USAID/West Africa Mission Director. “The GSA is pioneering efforts to grow markets and improve the livelihoods of rural women and their families that stand at the base of the shea value chain. We are proud to partner in their activities.”

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