The Silab-Jean Paufique Corporate Foundation Celebrates 10 Years


The Silab - Jean Paufique Corporate Foundation held its 10th annual meeting on June 29. 

The foundation was founded in 2007 "with the aim of providing active, constant support for fundamental and applied research in the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of dermatological pathologies, and more specifically skin cancer."

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, 140 people attended the various scientific presentations. One presentation, in particular, was given by the 10th award winner, Thomas Bertero. Bertero's project was titled "The Influence of the Mechanical Properties of the Tumoral Niche on the Squamous Cells Carcinoma Metabolism," and will receive financial support from the foundation for three years. 

Founder, Jean Paufique, commented by saying, "The foundation plays its part in gathering together a quality scientific community around common topics, with a strong concern for citizenship and a focus on scientific and technological progress in our common area of interest: healthy or diseased skin.”

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