Coast Southwest Releases Anti-aging Brochure


Coast Southwest has announced the release of an anti-aging brochure, The Future of Healthy Skin Today, which features ingredients to help combat aging in the personal care industry. The company’s mission is to benefit chemists and formulators to develop creative new products to set standards in the market.

According to the Coast Southwest’s press statement, the global anti-aging market is currently valued at about $250 billion and is expected to reach $331 billion by 2021. Consumers are becoming more aware of advanced technology and are demanding more products in this realm. Aging baby boomers represent the largest share of this demand.

“Consumers of all ages are looking for beauty solutions to combat the appearance of aging,” said Traci Cassell, market development manager, Anti-aging, Coast Southwest. “Coast Southwest’s anti-aging team carefully considers every aspect of the global anti-aging market and every source of supply, assembling an unequalled ingredient portfolio. Our Innovation Center uses these exciting products to develop new application ideas and formulations that we bring to our customers.”

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