Polychromatic Plans on Growth with Centre 7 Acquisition


The nail polish sector of the Keystone Industries portfolio of companies, Polychromatic (PCC), announced its acquisition with French company, Centre 7 (C7). Recognized in the cosmetic market, C7’s acquisition will be crucial for Keystone Industries’ development in the global beauty market.

Being in the beauty and personal care industry for more than 20 years, C7 specializes in filling and packaging nail polish and other cosmetic products, which will help for vending bulk and packaged cosmetics. Additionally, C7 is expected to fill nearly 30 million bottles annually.

With a growing customer network across France and Europe, this acquisition also gives PCC the benefit of, “Made in France” quality. The plant was inspected by major cosmetic brands and was rated to use flammable products, which is difficult to acquire in Europe.

The new partnership with C7 permits Keystone’s existing units, Keystone Research & Pharmaceutical and PCC a platform to display technical, R&D, innovative and cost-efficient value-added technologies and services.

“We’re expecting the acquisition of Centre 7 to strengthen the opportunities in the beauty industry, not only in the United States market, but also throughout Europe,” said Cary Robinson, president of Keystone. “It’s a well-respected company that manufactures products of distinction.”

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