VIDEO: World's Largest Fragrance Plant Opens in Turkey


MG International Fragrance Company (MC Gulcicek) opened a 45,000-sq-m plant east of Istanbul in the Gebze Industrial Zone.

The $65 million facility includes a 5,000-sq-m plant allotted for the company's innovation, organic synthesis and natural extract research.

Over the next five years, the company plans to increase the amount of raw materials manufactured for global release. And the plant's production capacity is expected to increase by 10 times.

View the MG International Fragrance Company facility here.

The site includes a fitness center for employees with a half Olympic-sized swimming pool, 150-person conference center, meeting rooms and auditorium, hotel accommodations and a bistro-style restaurant.

The campus-like facility also includes various artworks including sculptures, a Japanese garden and other contemporary art pieces. 


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