PCPC Launches New Program to Monitor Manufacturing Quality

The Personal Care Products Council announced the launch of a unique program specifically designed to assess the manufacturing processes for cosmetics and personal care products. The Personal Care Manufacturing Assessment Program (PCMAP) was developed by the Council in partnership with SAI Global, an independent organization that provides conformity assessments for driving business improvement. PCMAP offers the industry a unique tool to verify GMP conformance and a means for qualifying supplier capability.

The new, voluntary program demonstrates industry’s continued adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).Based on ISO 22716, the program covers quality aspects relating to production, control, storage and shipment of cosmetic products, ingredients or packaging components with the objective of meeting defined specifications at all stages of product development.

PCMAP is a diverse program, and six categories have been created to provide assessment guidelines to the characteristics of the following business groups:

  • Category 1—Manufacturer of Over the Counter (OTC) Drug Products
  • Category 2—Manufacturer of Cosmetic Products
  • Category 3—Manufacturer of Active Ingredients
  • Category 4—Manufacturer of Excipients
  • Category 5—Manufacturer of Cosmetic Ingredients
  • Category 6—Manufacturer of Packaging Components

A PCMAP white paper is now available on the Council’s website that describes how the program works. PCMAP is the result of a collaborative effort to manage supply chain integrity led by a working group within the Council’s quality assurance committee.

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