Dermazone Solutions Announces Contract Division

Dermazone Solutions, Inc. introduced its new contract division, dermaCM, and its state-of-the-art topical pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical manufacturing and development facility.

With recent growth and expansion and more than 15 years in research and development of advanced nanotechnologies incorporated in skin-protection and precision skin care products, Dermazone Solutions has developed a facility that offers advanced analytical, microbiological research and development laboratories. dermaCM will offer formulating, private labeling, manufacturing, packaging and fulfillment services, all supported by stringent adherence to FDA regulations for OTC pharmaceuticals and respected industry standards for cosmeceuticals.

According to a press release, key differentiators of dermaCM’s manufacturing facility include the ability to offer reverse osmosis USP process water and flexibility of batch sizes. Access to the company’s nanotechnology for custom and private label products is a further distinction. Dermazone’s patent pending NLP (nano-lipidic particles) delivery system—liposome technology resulting from advanced research in liposome chemistry— enables sustained, time-released product delivery that can be applied to such varied topical products as sunscreens, moisturizers, analgesics and skin, hair and scalp care.
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