Drawn Together: Refining Cosmetic Pens and Pencils

The proliferation and success of cosmetic pens and pencils has depended on refinements of proven technologies and varied ongoing collaborations. Below is supplemental and complementary material to "In Step" (originally printed in the March 2008 issue of GCI), provided by Rebecca Goswell, global creative director, HCT Group.

"Our creative process begins with brainstorming ideas between our formulators and our design team at the outset of a project.Our objective is to create new and exciting products where the physical design of the packaging reinforces the beneficial offering of the formula.

"For example, the SO Cool pen was conceived to dispense corrective eye treatment type formulas. With the addition of the steel tip, we could then also claim the ice cold application as an additional benefit which has been proven to reduce puffiness.

"We find that the HCT design team coming together with HCT chemists at such an early stage has the benefit of being far more intuitive, it is much easier to start fast tracking ideas to market as both sides of the project are being worked on as parallel developments.

"We continue to see the emergence of "smart" formulas that isolate and treat specific problem areas. To ensure that the consumer firstly buys into a specific concept, then continue to become a loyal and satisfied customer, skin care brands have the opportunity to really focus on the most effective and beneficial way of applying their products—where formula and packaging work as one.

"We see this symbiotic relationship between formula and packaging as an important and emerging trend, and one which we are already embracing. HCT chemists and designers are currently working on a series of exciting new developments for 2008, where the efficacy of our formulas is radically increased by a series of custom designed applicators and dispensing devices."

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