Henkel Opens Beauty Insights Center to Boost Product Development


Henkel has opened a new Beauty Insights Center in Düsseldorf.

Located in the company’s headquarters, the center will enable its beauty care experts to observe consumer habits directly. They are particularly interested in observing how consumers handle products, the amount of water they use and their application process. The facility—which includes fully equipped bathrooms that can be watched by the team of researchers (under privacy policies and guidelines)—will allow the experts to directly test and improve products and developments with consumers.

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“Consumers use our beauty care products in their own individual way. Different trends, but also regional practices are the reason why we observe significant differences in consumer behavior,” said Thomas Förster, head of global research and development. “We can now analyze these differences in detail in our North American test center in Stamford and the ‘Beauty Insights’ center in Düsseldorf and integrate these differences directly into our product development process.”

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