2020 Supplier Directory: Designed to Connect


In the age of indie beauty and low order minimums, turnkey innovation, speed-to-market, trade conflicts and tariffs, and sustainability and corporate social responsibility, supply chain and manufacturing partners matter now more than ever.

Whether seeking to meet an urgent need for a current project or filling the innovation pipeline, Global Cosmetic Industry provides a living resource for beauty and personal care ingredients, packaging, manufacturing, services and more.

3 Formats for Your Needs

The free print and digital versions (https://gcimagazine.texterity.com/gcimagazine/december_2019) of this annual directory provide the perfect asset for those who prefer a tangible and linear experience, as well as a downloadable and sharable resource for meetings and strategy sessions.

The free online edition (http://gcimagazine.com/directory), meanwhile, offers a searchable, up-to-the-minute resource, complete with live links to innovation partners and suppliers.

Whether you’re an upstart indie brand, a multinational legacy brand, manufacturing partner or fall somewhere in between, Global Cosmetic Industry’s annual supplier guide has you covered.

Happy innovating.

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