SDA Launches Online Portfolio of Research; Data

The Soap and Detergent Association (SDA) launched an online portfolio of research on the safety and benefits of cleaning products and their ingredients.

" puts valuable technical and scientific information at your fingertips," said Richard Sedlak, senior vice president for technical and international affairs, SDA. "The research and data available here helps inform the public on the safety of cleaning products and their ingredients. Sharing this information is part of the long-standing commitment to product stewardship demonstrated by SDA and our members."

Information on the human health and environmental safety of cleaning products and their ingredients; a compendium of information compiled through SDA's High Production Volume (HPV) Chemical Consortia; and a glossary of terminology commonly used in the cleaning products industry are among the data on the site.

"SDA's technical work on chemical management approaches and general issues undertaken as part of the industry's product stewardship efforts over the years is also available on the site," added Sedlak. "Much of this work was conducted in collaboration with industry, non-industry and governmental organizations."

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