Why Consumers are Going Crazy Over the Unicorn Beauty Trend


Is it too early to dub 2017 "The Year of the Unicorn"?

No? We didn’t think so. Everywhere you look, unicorn-inspired fashion, (hello, Coachella), beauty, accessories and even Starbucks Frappuccinos are staring back at you. And consumers can’t get enough of it.

Tarte Cosmetics was quick to jump on the fanciful bandwagon with its unicorn-inspired makeup and brush collection back in March and since then it’s been an all-out sparkle fest.

So what makes something “unicorn”? Think holographic rainbows with an access amount of shimmer.

  • Iridescent nail polish
  • Over the top metallic highlighter
  • Goopy, glittery lip gloss
  • Pastel hair dyes that fade into whimsical, tie-dye rainbows
  • Cotton candy and metallic inspired lashes, mascara and eyeshadows

Moral of the story, and a major reason for the unicorn mania, brands and marketers should appeal to consumers’ youthful, imaginative and carefree spirit.

Little kids that want to be unicorns tend to grow up to be adults that buy unicorn-inspired beauty products.

For more on the unicorn trend please visit: www.refinery29.com and www.bustle.com

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