Impact Colors Predicts 2015 and Beyond Color Trends

Impact Colors has introduced Color Trends 2015+, an online presentation of color and color effects in the personal care industry for 2015 and beyond. Color Trends 2015+ frames the future in five themes: Brilliance, Two-tones, Multicolors, Faux Nature and Men.

Color Trends2015+ is the sixth in an annual series jointly developed by Impact Colors and Antoinette van den Berg, an expert in color and fashion trend forecasting. Van den Berg is a consultant to a number of major cosmetic brands and the creator of Future-Touch, an Amsterdam-based design studio specializing in the cosmetic sector.

“The new themes are all about effects in color, texture and packaging,” said Doug Thornley, president of Impact Colors Inc. “To produce Color Trends, we gleaned ideas from around the world, using Impact Colors technologically advanced line to create a glamorous palette of twenty unique shades matched to exciting application ideas for traditional and new markets. The trend is all about combinations, with that extra special effect that makes a product pop and set a trend.”

Brilliance speaks to an expensive look for chic and sophisticated products. Impact Colors uses Diamond Colors and products from the company’s Fiesta line of synthetic mica to create high-class brilliance and shine that is ideal for expensive products that look luxurious. The theme features effect pigments like Santa White, a deep, white signature shade perfect for cold climates and winter sports, and Cold Gold, an unexpected combination of gold and blue—two interference colors that don’t mix.

Two-tones is just as it sounds—a young theme for the Instagram and earbuds crowd. This generation that has grown up with a different view of the world. They color themselves, and that translates into new market opportunities and product possibilities: pink, orange, blue, or green colors for hair or cosmetics that blend the boundary between hair and face. Avatar Purple is a catchy example of how color can express a certain theme. It’s a perfect product for eye shadow, lashes, brows and fingertips—the latest translation of the French manicure to match purple tinted hair.

Multi-colors is the most innovative theme for 2015, an exciting answer to the bright and intense colors that have been on the market recently. Fashion will grow a little tired of all the brightness—but not the intensity. Inspired by soap bubbles and rainbows, Impact Colors’ Kaleidoscope line of color travel pigments creates a new version of intensity—shades that, when marketed in packaging that showcases the color of the products—sell themselves because of their beauty and gorgeous effect.

Faux nature will be the newest turn on naturals. Even in a natural look, products will want a little extra feeling and shine. The trend will be to add some extra color and shimmer, along with more green effects to create a brilliant healthy feeling. Cosmetics for men have been around since the Romans and Greeks.

There are signs in the marketplace that men are becoming more stylish and more determined adapters. Male accessories like handbags, earrings and scarves are normal now. So are decorations like tattoos and piercings. The market is ready, but male colors have to be right. The Color Trends palette features Jagger Black, a black silky shade with a tiny sparkle of white; David Copper, a sophisticated copper sheen; Bubba Blue, and Conrad Black, a snobby, high-class tone for men.

For the first time, Color Trends 2015+ is entirely available online. Interested companies may contact Impact Colors at [email protected] or 1-302-224-8310 for more information or to request access to the presentation via an exclusive website, which can be accessible from computer or tablet with a personal login. A sample kit of 20 unique mixtures of Impact Colors effect pigments is also available to accompany the presentation.

“Our objective with Color Trends is to inspire ideas that will create new markets and revenue-producing products for our customers,” said Thornley “The presentation and its accompanying sample set offer an exciting window into future possibilities for our clients’ entire product development team. For innovative chemists and formulators, Color Trends can be the jumping off point for inspired experimentation and originality. You have only to go back and review previous Color Trends presentations to recognize how many of our predictions appeared on runways and in the fashion press.”

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