Bell Reveals Top 10 Fragrance Trends for 2010

Bell Flavors & Fragrances

The perfumery and marketing teams at Bell Flavors and Fragrances put together a list of top trend concepts for 2010. Trends in the fashion, art, color, culture and entertainment industries were analyzed. Through these influences, Bell was able to select new fragrance notes/accords then matched them with consumer trends to create fragrance profiles for each note/accord.

Here is the top 10 list along with the fragrances that were developed for each trend:

  1. Youthful—Grapefruit Rhubarb Rose
    Trend Definition: Young vibrant colors, fabrics and accords that make you feel young and light at heart.
    Fragrance We Developed: Juicilicious, a bright, light and lively feminine creation.
  2. Androgynous—Seashore Driftwood
    Trend Definition: Styles that can work for both men and women.
    Fragrance We Developed: Illusion, androgynous blend of exotic materials to provide a sophisticated fragrance for him and her.
  3. Shocking—White/Amber
    Trend Definition: Over the top.
    Fragrance We Developed: Love Kills Slowly, a Daring Creation for Women that brings the shock and ahhh to anyone's style.
  4. Relaxed Traditional—Mahogany Vetiver
    Trend Definition: Sleek cuts with different fabrics has set a tone making the overall traditional style more relaxed.
    Fragrance We Developed: Yogalates, feminine floral creation that combines unique notes into a sophisticated setting.
  5. Provocative—Absinthe
    Trend Definition: Shockingly sexy.
    Fragrance We Developed: @, it’s not a typothis fragrance name is “@” because it mixes traditional fragrance accords with an unusual absinthe type twist.
  6. Simplistically Fashionable—Mandarin/Orange Blossom
    Trend Definition: Functional and basic styles. A less is more mentality; get away from labels and sticking to trends.
    Fragrance We Developed: Simply Chic, brings the simple fashion of yesterdays elite into today's masses.
  7. Planned Simplicity—Mojito
    Trend Definition: A Zen-like mentality, where everything has a natural flow.
    Fragrance We Developed: Simple Life, sexy clean sweet green notes make you ready for a few more Mojitos and '50s-style cars.
  8. Dualism—Woody Iris
    Trend Definition: Having an appearance of one style but then could be interrupted in a completely different way, such as it is modern because it is retro.
    Fragrance We Developed: 2-sided, what for the dry down and your experience dualism at its best with this complex fragrance.
  9. Transparent Fashion—Satin Wood
    Trend Definition: Going with a personalized style that is elegantly distinctive with classic basics.
    Fragrance We Developed: See thru Soul, beautiful top notes seduce your soul.
  10. Bold Accents—Szechwan Pepper
    Trend Definition: Scaled down bling, loud vibrant yet tasteful trends with a bit of eccentricity.
    Fragrance We Developed: A Blurred Line, warm masculine notes, highlighted with a fresh in-your-face top note blend.

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