Bell Announces 2011 Top Ten Fragrance Trends


Bell Flavors & Fragrances announced its top 10 fragrance trends and emerging notes for 2011. Emerging notes research is based on exploring world consumer markets, specifically from a fragrance perspective to uncover the notes that will captivate the global economy. Bell’s worldwide marketing teams have been working on this discovery process by exploring global markets for next-generation notes. These notes have been defined by product launches, industry regulations, world events and unique new preferences for the indulgent consumer. The following 10 notes will influence the fragrance development of products designed for 2011 and will continue to drive discovery for many years to come.

The quest for discovery has consistently challenged man to create, explore and dream about infinite possibilities. The world recession discouraged consumer spending during the past few years and, consequently, new product development. As these world markets climb out from this recession, consumer confidence shows promising signs of life, and consumers are emerging from their spending hibernation with an indulgent appetite for travel, fashion, electronics and beauty.

“The world economy can expect another strong year of growth in 2011, according to our annual economic forecast. The United States can expect substantial acceleration in real GDP growth in the next two years to a 4% pace by early/mid-2012,” according to Goldman Sachs.

Captivating this indulgent, driven consumer is currently challenging product developers again to push discovery into new areas of exploration. These areas of discovery revolve around consumers who are traveling and exploring global markets, consumers who demand technology that delivers 3-D fingertip convenience, and consumers who are looking for new indulgent experiences with their personal care, household care and everyday products.

Top Fragrance Notes/Accords

  1. Jasmine Sambac—Predicted as the hottest emerging note for 2011
  2. White Patchouli—New emerging retro note with a modern twist
  3. Rich Balsamic—Bold and indulgent note, great for emerging men’s lines
  4. English Toffee—Sweet accords for royal weddings are in the air
  5. Caviar Luxe—Caviar accord gives a luxurious trait to a unique fragrance
  6. Lime Cilantro Spice—Traditions from the “Day of the Dead” reinvigorate authentic fragrance accords for emerging markets
  7. Fir Needles—Traveling from mountain to mountain has never been so invigorating with this modern natural accord
  8. Brazilian Nut—World Cup 2014 and the 2016 Olympics make for an amazing Brazilian blowout
  9. Guaiacwood—The “tree of life” known as Palo Santo in Jamaica, brings rustic accords alive again
  10. Brisk Blue Algae—Life’s power source and the next big wave for energy


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