A WHOLE MOOD – SOZIO WELLNESS FRAGRANCE, Infused with Essential oils


The Coronavirus pandemic has shaken modern attitudes toward health and wellness in ways that are impacting consumer behavior for years to come. 2020 established an important precedent for businesses across all markets, the notion that every brand needs to function like a wellness brand going forward in order to resonate with consumers.

Sozio, a pioneer in the natural perfumery and rooted in raw materials for decades, is taking its path to well-being by introducing its new Wellness Fragrance; functional fragrances infused with powerful essential oils, well-known for their extra benefits, to put you in your better mood(s).

Sozio Wellness Fragrance offers a wellness journey based on the healing of aromatherapy to answer to everyone and everyday needs starting with a positive mindset, helping focus on (remote) work, boosting immunity to stay strong and healthy, uplifting inner peace for mindful workouts, and finding comfort with a dose of selfcare before a deep restoring rest.

With Wellness Fragrance, Sozio envisions a brighter future with positivity and optimism. 


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