NaturaBrasil Launches 5 Gender-neutral Fragrances


NaturaBrasil has launched a new fragrance collection inspired by its home country. 

The Brazilian-themed fragrances are meant to provide "sensual snapshots of the heat, the lush flora and the seductiveness of this unique country," NaturaBrasil explained. 

The 5 Fragrances Include: 

  • Angelica, which combines the notes of tuberose, zesty mandarin and aquatic flowers for a "dark and seductive" fragrance;
  • Jacaranda, which contains papyrus, rose and grapefruit notes for a "fresh and spicy" fragrance;
  • Madeira Branca, which comprises hints of warm woods, spicy black pepper and calming musk for a scent that is "strong and modern yet still immersed in nature";
  • Nectar, which includes floral, citrus and warm amber notes for a scent that is "soft and romantic"; and
  • Terra, whose notes of soft woods, white flowers and vanilla musk create a scent that is "earthy, cozy and comforting."

Fragrances in the collection are made with 100% organic alcohol and presented in all-recycled packaging. Each 1.7 oz scent retails for $95 and can be purchased at and in flagship boutiques in Nolita and Garden State Plaza.

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