The Fragrance Foundation Relaunches Online Learning Program

After all of the work that goes into creating a fragrance—from creating and blending its odors to designing its packaging—it's usually perfume counter salespeople who determine whether or not it will be popular consumers. With that in mind, The Fragrance Foundation is relaunching its "Basic Selling Skills for Fragrance" program, this time to target those with less experience in fragrance—new and part-time associates. The course comprises a comprehensive study guide, multiple choice quiz and certification program.

"The goal of the program, generously underwritten by P&G Prestige is to provide information absolutely essential to selling fragrance," said Mary Ellen Lapsansky, vice president of The Fragrance Foundation. "It’s a win-win for everyone when a sales associate has the skillset to understand fragrance, entice the consumer and close the sale."

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