HipNote Honey Creates Fragrance Buzz for Autumn

Boutique fragrance development company Tru Fragrance announced Honey as the HipNote for the fall season. A versatile scent that adapts attributes from its origins, honey can be woodsy, floral or herbal. HipNote Honey comes from the Acacia shrub, giving it a complex sweetness and delicate, floral aroma that is familiar to many. The fragrance was crafted to mingle the sensorial sensations of flavor and scent.

HipNote Honey features top notes of delicate freesia, hedione and muguet, which evoke the feeling of a fresh fall breeze, blooming flowers and a vision of bees working effortlessly in a scenic garden. The scent was crafted by Pierre Negrin, perfumer at Firmenich, who is celebrated for capturing the sensations he feels around him to create olfactory snapshots that translate impulses, visions and desires. To marry the notion of flavor with the fragrance, Negrin worked closely with the flavorists and perfumers at Firmenich using the company’s state-of-the-art Smell-The-Taste technology to develop HipNote Honey. Negrin is behind a notable collection of fine fragrances, including Calvin Klein Encounter, David Beckham Homme, Ralph Lauren Polo Black, Tom Ford Black orchid Voile de Fleur, and was awarded the “Prix International du Parfumeur Createur” by the Societe Francaise des Parfumeurs.

“Our fall 2013 HipNote is a celebration of one of the most familiar elements in the world. It’s a light, warm note that is enjoying a resurgence at this moment in time,” said Renee Bukowski, senior product development manager at Tru Fragrance. “By bringing forth its distinct flavors and aroma, we looked to create a new way to truly experience honey.”

Honey, a solvent extracted from beeswax that produces a highly fragrant absolute used for golden-ambery notes, has had significant cultural importance throughout history. From its very basic use as a food source, honey has evolved into an inspiration for fashion and beauty trends, such as vibrant honey yellow and honey brown hues that are springing up on fashion runways. It has also recently emerged as a big part of cocktail culture with the introduction of several honey-infused spirits. From a design standpoint, honeycomb is prevalent in a number of trending prints and homewares.

For fall 2013, HipNote Honey will shine alongside celebrated fragrances including Honey by Marc Jacobs, Fame by Lady Gaga and Pure Honey by Kim Kardashian, as well as Poison by Dior, Angel by Thierry Mugler, Nectarine Blossom & Honey by Jo Malone. It is available to a limited number of fans on the Hipnozes by Tru Fragrance Facebook page, an interactive online community that connects consumers who share a passion for fragrance, beauty and fashion. HipNote Honey is the ninth seasonal trend scent forecast by Tru Fragrance in partnership with fragrance experts from around the world.

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