IFRA UK Shares Fragrances Trends for Autumn-Winter 2013-2014

According to the International Fragrance Association UK's (IFRA UK) experts, key fragrance fashion trends for autumn-winter 2013-2014 include:

  • Authenticity and the great outdoors—natural, green and woody notes
  • Kitsch fruity and gourmand fragrances—tangerine, strawberry, wild cherry, pink grapefruit and raspberry
  • Gothic romantic—scents reflects jewel-toned colors: rich red roses, black orchid, and heady, vintage flowers
  • The Orient—jasmine, pink pepper, patchouli, soft leather, cedar, bergamot, patchouli and vanilla
  • Renaissance revival—sugared rose petals, violets, hyacinth and candied fruits; seductive ylang, patchouli and vetiver
  • The Great Gatsby—woody fougeres (men)
  • Rugged explorer—green fougeres (men).
  • Blue and white—cool, clean, crisp linens and marine or aquatic notes will bring a new freshness to scent.

Fragrance, like fashion, is influenced by trends, and this autumn and winter will see a number of fragrance fashions come to the fore, according to the IFRA United Kingdom.

A key trend says IFRA UK's acting chairman Jonathan Gray, who runs perfume house Mane UK, is authenticity and nostalgia. He explains, "There's a backlash against ‘fake' and in favor of ‘real' products. We have seen a return of authenticity in personal care products and fine fragrances." He calls it the "seductive power of retro-olfaction"—in other words fragrances that turn to the past and remind us of the past. The relaunch of some nostalgic, iconic scents contributes to this trend.

As part of the nostalgia boom, floral bouquets remain a strong trend—especially those powerful white floral notes of jasmine, gardenia and tuberose. And this isn't just true for products that appeal to women. "Men will continue to follow a sophisticated path, and take further influence from what women are wearing," says Gray.

The experts also agree on the trends toward exotic fruits, especially citruses, and traditional, authentic florals. Gray points to what he describes as "blue and white scents" being another element for the coming season. "Look out for scents that reflect cool, clean materials—linen and cotton, or marine and aquatic inspired fragrances are also going to be popular They create a fresh, clean and relaxing environment."

Another expert, Stephanie Topps, acting vice chairman of IFRA UK and managing director of fragrance house Robertet UK, says, "Fashions in fragrance are particularly strong this season. I would pick kitsch, romantic, oriental and the renaissance of the Renaissance."

Selena Thomas of CPL Aromas, says, "Trends for men involve the continuation of the Great Gatsby, 1920s movement with classic fragrance directions such as woody fougeres and colognes. Look out too for a masculine, rugged explorer trend will also be found with green fougeres and hints of woods and spices."

Scents wafting from exotic destinations are going to be popular, and these include fragrances such as argan and oud. In addition to the sweet florals, white florals, green florals and fruity florals hinted at by other experts, Thomas says that and gourmand fragrances will adorn many of us, along with clean, clear aquatic and citrus directions, often offering unisex options for fragrances.

Lisa hipgrave, Director of IFRA UK and herself a perfumer, adds, "Fragrance is quite magical in its effects. This season has something for every taste. What surprises many people is just what a wealth of perfumery creation, knowledge and expertise we have here in the U.K. Many of the fragrances and fragranced products we all enjoy using are the creations of our wonderful British perfumers and fragrance houses."

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