Fixate™ Keratin: Hair Transformation from the Inside


Even on a busy day, customers want to look great.  With less time to spend on beauty routines, consumers are looking for innovative ways to achieve and maintain beautiful hair. Straightening techniques can make the hair smooth and shiny, but over time they can cause the outer layer of the hair to become damaged. Ultimately, this damage will cause unsightly dullness and breakage of the hair.

Fixate™ Keratin is a thermal-activated two-component technology reconstr­ucting the hair from the inside into perfectly smooth and healthy hair, for more than 10 washes. This system is infused with a skin care inspired encapsulation technology that provides long-lasting hair transfor­mation, recovering the features of healthy and young hair.

Fixate™ Keratin is a formaldehyde-free based technology with a low fume profile, making it a safer alternative to current products on the market. Achieve long-lasting style with Fixate Keratin. 


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