Strengthening Hair for Summer With Chromaveil


Today it seems that everyone is well aware of the damage that the sun can cause on the skin—from burns caused by the UVB rays to cellular damage caused by UVA, sunscreen products to protect against this damage are becoming ubiquitous. But this awareness of the dangers of UVA and UVB rays does not extend much beyond thoughts about the skin. Many consumers are not aware that UVA and UVB can also cause significant damage to the hair as well.

For the hair, the sun’s rays can cause discoloration of both colored and natural hair. Remember when you used to put lemon juice in your hair in the summer to lighten it? The interactions between the sun’s rays and the lemon juice caused your “natural” color to lighten and become bleached by the sun. Unfortunately, this may have been great when you were young, but when you are spending hundreds of dollars for color at the hair salon, the last thing you want for it is to fade away after sun exposure. Protection from the sun is critical to preserving that “just-from-the-salon” shade. Chromaveil®, a new quaternium compound from Croda, offers broad-spectrum UV protection. This revolutionary product provides a shield against the harmful effects of the sun in both rinse-off and leave-on systems for hair care and offers superior protection against UVA rays, which tend to discolor the hair. (Figure 1)

However, the effects of UVA and UVB rays on the hair are not only limited to discoloration. They can also cause a degradation of essential lipids found at the hair’s surface, which protect the hair cuticle’s integrity. This loss of lipids can lead to a weakening of the hair fiber itself. Have you ever experienced a summer spent almost entirely at the beach or pool The dry, flyaway, brittle condition your hair finds itself in after a summer spent outdoors is a direct result of UVB and UVA damage. Chromaveil is shown to protect the lipids of the hair, helping it to remove soft, supple and strong.

Many traditional sunscreens are not appropriate for rinse-off hair care formulations as they are not substantive to the hair. They do not adhere to the hair’s surface and essentially rinse down the drain with the foam. In order for a product to truly protect the hair from UVA and UVB rays, it must remain on the hair fiber to give lasting protection throughout the day. Chromaveil is substantive to hair, thereby providing long-lasting protection from the sun rather than washing away down the drain.

While the average consumers may not be as aware of the damage the sun can have on their hair, the industry does, as indicated by an almost 30% increase in the number of hair care products launched in 2009 claiming UV protection. Chromaveil can help to provide substantiated claims of sun protection for the hair helping to turn these new launches into sales success stories.

As the summer approaches, it is important to remember the harmful effects of the sun to both the skin and hair. Be sure that you use sunscreen for your skin, but also a daily regimen that will provide you with the proper shield for your hair to resist the daily assault of the sun, such as the protection offered by Chromaveil.


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