Encouraging Better Hair Care Regimens, L'Oréal Paris Launches Advance Haircare

The hair care division of L'Oréal Paris is launching a new franchise five years in the making—Advanced Haircare. Designed to help American women change the life of their hair, the clinically tested collection, on shelves now at mass retailers, consists of five tailored modules with shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments to deliver results and lasting transformation. With seven treatments at the center of Advanced Haircare, L’Oréal Paris is encouraging women to adopt a three-step hair care routine—shampoo, condition and treat—to help hair look gorgeous.

As a means to introduce America to Advanced Haircare, L’Oréal Paris is giving away one million product samples exclusively on the brand's Facebook page on Tuesday, January 15th.

L’Oréal Paris developed the five modules of Advanced Haircare based on the top hair care concerns of American women, as shown by extensive market research conducted by the brand: Total Repair 5 for damaged hair, Smooth Intense for frizzy hair, Power Moisture for dry hair, Color Vibrancy for color-treated hair and Triple Resist for breakage-prone, weak hair. All five modules feature Arginine-K Complex, paired with customized actives that tailor each formula for particular hair needs and types.

Many American women rush through their hair routine with a quick shampoo and condition. L’Oréal Paris is encouraging women to add a third and critical step to their hair care routine by adding the use of treatments. With ingredients that penetrate the hair, treatments not only give strands a polished, finished look, but also help keep hair feeling and looking healthy.

As more and more American women are exposing hair to chemical treatments and styling with multiple hot tools, the use of treatments is now more crucial than ever. Hair treatments have already caught on abroad as treatment usage is more than double outside of the U.S., according to L’Oréal Paris research.

"Right now, U.S. women believe that only skin care warrants an ongoing regimen. They see hair as a quick fix, when really, hair deserves and needs the same multi-step approach as skincare to be at its best," says Karen T. Fondu, president of L’Oréal Paris USA. "Behind Advanced Haircare is a technology with highly efficacious formulas to meet the specific needs of U.S. consumers."

Actress Lea Michele, L’Oréal Paris spokesperson for Advanced Haircare's Total Repair 5 line, weighs in on her personal experience with treatments, saying, "I've learned from the hairstylists I've worked with that hair treatments are the most important step in a hair care regimen. Treatments put all of these ingredients into your hair. You can really see and feel a difference in your hair right away."

The entire Advanced Haircare collection is now available at drugstores and mass retailers nationwide.

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