Lauren Conrad Boosts Blonde with John Frieda

According to hair care brand John Frieda, blonde is so much more than a hair color, it’s a state of mind. To empower blondes everywhere to be the best blonde they can be, the John Frieda Sheer Blonde hair care professionals pioneered a line of custom color care specifically designed for blonde needs, and now the John Frieda team is joining forces with TV personality, fashion designer, author and iconic blonde Lauren Conrad to introduce the first “Keep Up with Your Blonde” campaign.

This new program empowers blondes to maintain their best color with a regimen of expert care and celebrates the bold confidence that accompanies vibrant fresh color. The innovators at John Frieda Hair Care understand that when your blonde is on so are you, making it essential to have the right arsenal to keep up your ideal shade. And to provide insider blonde tips for keeping up with your blonde, Conrad will be guest blogging on her favorite products and go-to summer hairstyles at and on the John Frieda Hair Care website.

“Being a blonde is a part of who I am,” explains Conrad. “As someone who lives in California, it takes work to keep my color light and bright. I use the Sheer Blonde collection because I know that from tone correcting to lightening to highlight enhancing, it will help me maintain the blonde I love.”

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