Schwarzkopf Offers New Level of Personalization with My Specialist


Schwarzkopf has announced the launch of its new customized hair care e-brand, My Specialist. 

According to Schwarzkopf, My Specialist Hair Analysis uses advanced microscopic testing to meet the individual hair care needs of every consumer. My Specialist utilizes a specially-generated dryness and damage evaluation system to check the hair's composition which is rated on a scale of 1 to 5. Additionally, consumers are asked to fill out a questionnaire to help determine the health of their scalp. 

My Specialist is currently in an exclusive partnership with Chinese online shopping site T-Mall. 

How it Works

  • After ordering the supply on the Schwarzkopf T-Mall page, consumers send in a sample of their hair, using the provided hair envelope, to the My Specialist lab.
  • Once the sample is received, the aforementioned evaluation system focuses on both newly growing and aging parts of the hair and examines cuticle array, cuticle lift-up, cortex exposure, cuticle damage, hair thinning and hair split.
  • After the evaluation is complete, consumers' hair analysis is outlined in the hair report.
  • Scientists then recommend different product combinations for hair needs and choose 
    high-performance keratins, natural ingredients and vitamins to treat different hair conditions.
  • From these recommendations, scientists will create personalized hair care products—a shampoo and nine power shots—which will be shipped to the consumer after approximately two weeks. 
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