Saerom Cosmetics Offers a Natural Solution to Prematurely Gray Hair


Korean hair care brand Pyeonan offers consumers a solution to prematurely gray hair with its Easy-to-Use Speedy Hair Dye. 

According to the brand's parent company, Saerom Cosmetics Co., Ltd., the product comes in single-use packs that must be squeezed in order to obtain the dye. The dye is rubbed onto the hair until a rich foam is formed, after which the user waits five minutes before washing the dye from their hair. 

Easy-to-Use Speedy Hair Dye is available in four shades: Black, Dark Brown, Brown and Wine Brown.

The dye reportedly contains 14 ingredients derived from nature, including Chinese licorice, ginseng, acorus calamus and cnidium officinale makino.

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