Vegamour Launches CBD Products for Hair Growth


Vegamour's full line of CBD serums and nutraceuticals was created to promote healthy hair growth for the scalp, lash and brow areas. 

According to Vegamour, the scientific research behind the Vegamour CBD line shows that CBD reduces stress and anxiety, improves sleep quality and helps the body produce less cortisol, which is known to cause weight gain and increase hair loss. The CBD products were created to reduce inflammation of hair follicles and increase blood circulation of the follicle, all of which promotes healthy, natural hair growth.  

Products include:

  • CBD & Biotin Vegan Hair Gummies
  • Gro Hair Boost with CBD adaptogenic supplement
  • CBD hair growth serum for the scalp
  • CBD hair growth serum for the eyelash
  • CBD hair growth serum for the eyebrow

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