Shiseido Announces Organizational Reforms and Changes of Personnel


Shiseido has announced significant changes taking place around the company, starting July 1, 2017. 

The company has announced its new function, “Incubation Center” that will aim to create “innovation plans and deliver new beauty solutions.” It will also integrate two existing centers, “Life Science Research Center” and “Basic Research Center” into the “Advanced Research Center.” Lastly, it has announced the formation of a new department, “R&D Strategy Department” and integration of the functions of the existing “R&D Administration Department.”

Along with the organizational reforms, the following transfers of personnel will take place starting July 1, 2017.

  • Yoichi Shimatani has been named corporate executive officer and chief research and development officer, R&D strategy, GIC integrated operations, cosmetics R&D, cosmetics technical information development, intellectual property, advanced research, incubation, quality assessment
  • Kiyoshi Sato has been named advanced research center director, Global Innovation Center
  • Masashi Ogo has been named incubation center director, Global Innovation Center
  • Shuzo Ishidate has been named R&D strategy department director, Global Innovation Center
  • Takahiro Akutsu has been named GIC integrated operations department director, Global Innovation Center
  • Hiroto Morozumi has been named Osaka factory director
  • Yasunori Morita has been named department director, SC Project Management
  • Claudia Kim has been named brand director, Global Professional Business Division, Shiseido Professional Brand Unit
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